Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Bird-day!

This is a card made from SU Pun Fun set. I just LOVE this set! The bird does NOT start at the edge of my card, that is just my BAD scanning skills!!!!!!

This card was made using all SU paper, ribbon not. I did make something else to post but I'm off too work right now, so come back later and see what I made!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Punch tag cards . . .

Here are some cards I worked on the other nite. The one in the middle is made using your SU tag punches. The bigger and the small one. The two on the sides were made using the SU oval punches. Both sizes.

Also in today's mail . . .

I was the surprise winner for Jen's Candi giveaway!!!! And boy was I surprised. I just LOVE getting stuff in the mail when your not expecting it!!!!! It puts the biggest smile on my face and totally makes my day!

You can view Jen's AWESOME blog here . . expressivelyme.blogspot.com

February RAK . . .

This is the gorgeous RAK that I received this month from Terri (www.bigideasfromalittlegirl.blogspot.com) . Along with my pretty Embrace Life card she sent me a cute little birdie stamp (which I can't wait to ink up!). Thanks Terri, I LOVE IT!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here is the last of them. . .

Here is the last of my Valentine Day cards to show. This is a little card made using SU scallop punch and all Michael's $1 stamps. The background stamp is SU. The inside is held together with silver cord.

Hope you like! I will be hosting a PUN FUN workshop in March. Anybody interested in attending that is in the Los Angeles area please contact me for more info! This workshop will be held at the local Sizzler's (um, yummy)!!!!

Valentine Gift Card Holder . . .

Here's a Valentine Day gift card holder that I gave me son with a gift card to Gamestop. The Happy Valentine's Day is a $1 stamp from Michael's and the little hearts are from dollar tree. I know it's a little plain on the inside. But there's always next time :0)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Envelope style card

This card is an evelope style card that I saw on Dawn's blog. I used Michael paper and the $1 Michael stamps in the middle of my SU scallop punch. It was a cute style and very easy and fun to make!

Notebook Punch

The circle on this Valentine Day was used done by using my SU notebook punch to go around a circle. Cute and different look! This is the new SU Happy Heart Day set and all SU paper was used.

V Day card for the hubby

This is a Valentine Day Card I did for my wonderful hubby! I did case it from one of my favorite blogs www.inkastamp.com I changed the colors around but I just loved these stamps when I saw them. They are the new Cat's Pajamas stamps. I used SU gray, c. celery ribbon and paper and DS berry bliss.

I think I'm Back!

Hi everyone. I want to thank you for all you nice comments. I think I'm almost myself again. Lately people have to tell me things a couple of times for me to finally hear, and I just have not been all here. But my man took me away for a little Rest and Relaxation in Rosarito, Mexico and slowly I'm coming back!!!!! Here is a picture from our weekend!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Your a Blast . . .

Stamping seems to be my little get away right now. So I worked on this card using Pun Fun set. Cute set! I used all the yellow, red and blue from Bold Brights. SU oval punch. Cuttlebug.


I received this beautiful RAK from Pat Sergeant. It's a cute book with matching pen AND matching card. I totally love the colors. Green and pink are my fav color!!!! It's nice to receive something in the mail when your not expecting anything. Thanks Pat, I LOVE IT!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

MY NANA . . .


Then this past Friday . . .

This last Friday I went to SU regionals in Anaheim, CA. This is a picture of me and my upline, Lori Duran. I had a blast! Swaps and learning new things and meeting new people. It was awesome!

Then . . .

Then the next weekend was my daughter's Winterformal. This is her senior year and I'm so proud of her!!! This is a picture of her and her boyfriend. Isn't she pretty?????

My husbands lowrider won took some trophy's at the Pomona Roadster Show. I tried to upload a picture of the car but blog is trippin'.

The Big Shin Dig . . .

Here is a picture from the Big Shin Dig. This was my husband's Nana's 84th birthday party. Food was good. Music was good. Company was good. Couldn't ask for anything more!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hello There . . .

Hi There Ladies!
No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Altough with the head cold I have right now, I kinda wish my head would fall off! he he he
I have so many pictures to post, but my cute, little adorable, fuzzy, ferrets, thought they were being cute and stole and hid my card reader! So now I can't download all my pictures!!! I've raided two of their hiding places and haven't found it yet. But tommarow I will find it (or head to Walmart to buy a new one) and show you all my pictures! I'll probably have to follow them around all day! he he he
See ya'll tommarow!