Friday, August 29, 2008

I had my nerve . . .

Yes people you are looking at his correctly! I had my NERVE to ask my hubby for a Hello Kitty Bike!!! hee hee! Isn't she a beauty!
Last nite after work, I took my camera to the Dr. The man sd you have to leave your camera, Ok, he sd it should take about 1 to 2 weeks, I sd, HUH?!? THEN, we will call you and tell you what the problem is and you can decide if you want us to fix it or not, and if we fix, another one to two weeks, I ALMOST FELL OUT IN HIS STORE!
I'm on my way home and my head did a total 360, which really hurt cuz of the neck trauma (you remember)!!! I saw this beauty in the window, so I throw the car in park and I had found a new Hello Kitty store!!! WOWZER!
I walked out of the store with this cute little bag instead! BUT BELIEVE YOU ME, I AM STILL WORKING ON THE BIKE THING WITHT THE HUBBY! hee hee!
I have a card, but I will post it tonite, super late for work!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Sets . . .

Good Morning! These are last nites creations, I used the new Inspired by Nature stamp set and the birds are made using SU's new Big Shot! The background was made using a crimper going in both directions (did that make sense)? hee hee! Using the hubbys camera right now :0(
Have a great day!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Camera issues . . .

My camera is on it's way to the Dr's today! So for now were stuck with another picture from my cell phone :0(
This is a bag I made to go with the butterfly card that my grandma requested. I'm soooo sad that you can not see all the glitter on the butterflys!!! I LOVE GLITTER! I REALLY, need to stop stamping LATE at nite! I didn't realize till I was looking at the picture (and I had already given the bag to grams) that I glued the darn butterfly's on the back of the bag! LOL! I'm a dork! I'm off to take my son to new Jr. High orientation :0( (my baby is growing up), then to the camera dr., then to work :0( (oh girls, and you know who you are, I copied the pictures for convention for you before the camera went caput! Check out in your mail)!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flight of the Butterfly

Please excuse the dark pictures! My camera is feeling as bad as I am! So I had to take these pictures with my cell phone! I was feeling under the wheather yesterday and then went to Walmart to buy medication and witnessed a horrible motorcycle accident which made my day even worse! Grandma needed a butterfly Thank You
card so I attempted to stamp while not feeling while, and I'm not very happy with the results! This is a spiral card that they showed us at convention and last nite I attempted to do one. I will try this technique again, but this time I was
:0( about the way it came out!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lookie, Lookie . . . .

Look at these $1 stamps that I picked up at Michaels!!!! I just had to have the skull!!!
This other stamp set is the one I got in the mail the other day, and I WILL ink it up this weekend!!!! I have many ideas for this one! It's called, Garden Isle by Lizze Ann Designs. Have a good Friday everyone! Off to work :0( My arm is feeling
much better! I can move it more! Can't bend it that good, but it moves now! :0)

Happy Friday!!!

I know you guys are tired of seeing a picture of these candy flowers, BUT, there is a story behind THESE flowers and card. My good 'ol hubby comes home from work and asks me if I can make some of those flowers candies in a vase and a Thank You card. I said, "okay," for who? He said his bosses wife. Okay why? Oh because she always makes US homemade cookies. HUH? US? How come they never make it home to me? My hubby, "Oh, cuz I know you don't like that kind." (okay Mr. Diabetic, you go boy)!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I LOVE cards . . .

I just LOVE IT when I receive an unexpected card!!! My good friend Cindy made me this card last nite and it brought a great smile to my face! She's so thoughtful and knows me soooo well! I LOVE the skull notebook for my purse (so me)! When I was opening my gift, my husband sd, "I hope she got you bike reflectors (he's got jokes, when he was the cause of my accident!hmmmm)! THANK YOU CINDY! I LOVE MY CARD!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update . . .

All nite last nite, I LMAO over my fall, but this morning, I no laughing no more! I was crying, I couldn't move my right arm and when I did I cried in pain (and I can take a lot of pain)! So i just came back from my Dr. office and the verdict is . . . torn ligament in shoulder, bruised elbow, fever, neck trauma and I got a shot in my booty! :0( THIS WILL NOT STOP ME FROM STAMPING! It stopped me from going to work, but I am determined to stamp tonite, I don't know how well my coloring skills will be, but I will attempt, because I am determined to blog A CARD DAILY! BE BACK LATER WITH A CARD! Even if it kills me . . . literally! LOL

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm injured and still stamping!

I'm injured wrists hurt so this will be short and sweet! The first card is a card that I sent my hubby while I was away at convention! I used all SU supplies.
The second card is a card I just made that says Tickled Pink, it is a SU set, but I think a retired SAB set.
Now about my injury, you have to PROMISE not to laugh!
Today I got this brain-e-ack idea to ride my bike to my dad's house (he lives around the corner), as I was taking off my loving husband yells out to me and as I turned my head, I flipped over the handle bars of my bike! He saw this and still asked, "What are you doing down there." I sd, I'm checking the neigbors lawn $%$^&*##@ !!!!!
Agh, hello, he just saw me flip over! He still doesn't run over to help me up! Two differenet neighbors were outside watering their lawns, so I jump on my bike and raced to my dads where I sat and examined my injuries. I scrapped all the skin off one knee, both my elbows and i guess when I fell I flipped back both my wrists. I got no sympathy from my dad, he said, "you were probably talking on your cell and riding your bike at the same time," I sd, "no dad, then I'd be crying cuz I have a brand new cell phone!" Did I forget to mention that all this happened while I was dressed in my hello kitty pj's and brand new slippers? hee hee! I'll live, I'm already sore (and it just happened 2 hrs ago), but I think I'll be okay!

Hope it doesn't effect the stamping I have lined up for 2morrow! I recieved a new stamp set in the mail today, that I'm dying to ink up 2morrow!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm here . . .

I've not fallen off the planet! :0)
Friday, I got a cortisone shot in my foot, my husband took great video, but it's not for the weak!
Sat. we jumped in the truck and took a 4 hr drive (each way) to the river, to hang out with family! And Sunday, we slept in, went out to breakfest and then at nite, went to the happiest place on earth, yes Disneyland!!!! We went on the new 4D Toy Story ride, and to my delight, the wait in line was only 35 minutes (not bad for it being a new ride), unfortunately, the ride hurt my shoulder! You have to shoot at the targets, but to get your gun to shoot, you have to pull a string. AND IT KILLED MY ARM!!! So today I'm resting from my weekend! :0) I did get time to stamp after work today and I will be posting my card 2morrow. Happy Stamping, see you'll 2morrow!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sock Monkey . . .

SHRINKIE DINK!!!! Don't you just love it!!!!! I had the pleasure of meeting this gal, Lydia and look at what she created!!!!! Because of her, I ran to Michael's and bought Shrinkie Dink (located in the stamp section)! I can't wait to play with it this weekend! (I'm thinking charm bracelet). She used the new Stampin Up Sock Monkey set and viola! You can check out Lydia's blog by clicking on my sidebar where it says, Understand Blue. She has lot's of great stuff! Have a great day! I'm off to work :0(

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Small Gift . . .

I have actually been doing some stamping/crafting lately, believe it or not! hee hee! One of the girls in our department got a promotion so I made her this little candy flower vase and a card. I don't know the name or even if there is one for this techinique, but if you look closely on the blue part of the card it has a criss cross, quilt like look to it!

Only 2 Swaps left to show . . .

I loved ALL the swaps that I received at convention, and I'm going to spare you from showing you each and every one! :0) I did have a Top 5! As you have seen I have already showed you a few, 2morrow I will show the last one from the top 5 list!!!! Today's card is a card made by Richard & Gabby Garay. OMG! I'm a Disney Fan (and yes I own a Disney pass and get GREAT use of it), so when I seen this card I flipped!!!!! Stampin Up does not sell a disney stamp! This card was made using the SU background stamp, Tres' Chic and SU circle punches!!!! Don't you love it!!! Please come back 2morrow to see the final swap I will show, let me give you a hint . . . Do you remember playing with shrinkie dink when you were a kid????

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Swap from convention

This is another swap from convention, that IS JUST SOOO CUTE! This card was made by, Richard & Gabby Garay. The used SU set called Zoofari and Dias Felices Stamp sets. I LOVE THIS CARD!

Specials From Stampin Up . . .

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! 1. Starting August 11th we can start placing orders from Stampin Up's brand new Fall/Winter Catalog! YAHOOO! 2. Right Now Stampin Up has some Great Specials going on!!!!!! If you have ever thought about becoming a Stampin Up demonstrator, now is the time! From August 11th to October 11, 2008, Stampin Up has this great special going on they have 4 mini starter kits for just $99.00 and you you get extra product from Stampin UP and from me, and the best part is, you'll be part of my team!!!! For the regular starter kit, it's $199.00 with extra product from Stampin Up and from me also!!!! If your interested please contact me! I'd love to talk with you about this great opportunity! To see more about the kits, please click my Stampin Up website on my sidebar! ALSO . . . Right now (August 11th to Sept. 30th) , Stampin Up has 10 different stamp sets from the brand new Fall/Winter Catalog on sale for 15% OFF (no additional purchase necessary)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please contact me if you have any questions about any of the above specials, I will be more than happy to help you out!! To see these stamps that are on sale now, please click the sidebar to my Stampin Up Website!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hello Kitty swap card . . .

Okay anybody who TRUELY knows me, knows that I am the BIGGEST Hello Kitty freak!!!! And the first day of convention I was lucky enough to get this card in a swap!!!!!! Of course I was HAPPY for the rest of the day! This card was made by Carol Lovenstein from Portland, Oregon. She used Regal Red CS, Whisper White, Glossy White, So Saffron and Basic Black. Kitty was made by using Coluzzle, and ears were made with 1 1/4 sq. punch and horizontal punches! YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WILL BE CASING THIS CARD!!!! HEE HEE! That's all for now, tune in 2morrow for some more great pictures from convention!!!!!!

Pictures from convention. . .

Here is a picture of the wonderful ladies that I attented convention with. From Left to Right, Red shirt, Michelle, me, Lori, and Adrienne!!!! We had a blast!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Juanita this one's for you . . .

I posted this picture just to gross Juanita out! She can't understand my OBSESSION with my UPS man, I just wanted to show her that I'm not the only person who loves their UPS man! hee hee!!!! LOL

Okay Juanita, this post is just for you!!! First of all, Juanita is my cuzion and we talk ex-least if not more than 10x a day, as we were having our morning chat, I was explaining to her that I used my Crop-A-Dile, for something other than scrapbooking. I used it because I needed to punch more holes in my belt!! YEAH :0) Then she asked, "What is a Crop-A-Dile?" I said, "WHAT" girl, you NEED to start coming back to workshops! How dare you not know what a crop-a-dile is! This tool is used to put eyelets in paper, cardboard, leather on your belt, bonk a burglar over the head with it in the middle of the nite, etc. . . You requested a side picture of the flowers I made for grandma last nite and here it is. Side of flower. I used Reese's Miniature's. The recipe for making these cute flowers is: You make one flower, put one chocolate in your mouth, repeat, make one flower, one in mouth, repeat . . . .

Now this is really scary!!!

This is scary, are you ready, I'VE POSTED TWICE IN ONE DAY!!!!!!!! :0)
Isn't it just sooooooo pretty!! Yes, the new Stampin Up Big Shot!!! I'm dying to play with this bad boy, but I've been out and about since I got home from work :0(
But you better believe this weekend, it's on!!!!
The other box in the picture is the SU Pretty's Kit, yes what was I thinking that I NEVER had ordered this sooner! But I'm In Love with these flowers!!!!!

2 Projects . . .

Good Morning Blog Friends . . . I was a little buzy bee last nite :0)
The first is a bag that I made for my good friend Cindy, it was supposed to be filled the the little treats that I got for convention, but one of my little fuzzy ferrets decided to help them selves to my 20th Anniversary SU snacks! Can't be mad, cuz their sooooo darn cute! I got the pattern for these cute bags here. sorry I don't know how to type here with the underline and it takes you to the website, so your stuck with this big long web address that you have to press, if someone could email how to just type here and the website will pop up, PLSE EMAIL ME, I NEED HELP! HEE HEE :0)
The next project is some flowers I made with the SU scallop punch, you cut in to make them look like flowers, glue to a reese's peanut butter cup, sorry I forgot to take a side view picture! My bad! You then pierce a BBQ stick thru the candy, decorate with ribbon and crimp green paper and punch with large SU oval punch and WaaLaa! Pretty Flowers!!!!! This idea, was taken from a swap I received at Convention, and sorry I say I can't give the person credit becuz she didn't put her info anywhere on the flower! Have a great day, see ya'll 2morrow! (Posting two days in a row, I think I'm gonna fall over)! LOL

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's About Time . . .

I can finally post pictures!!!! YEAH!!!! The 3 cards that I am showing you today, are the 3 cards that I made to swap at convention! The tope card is using Doodle This stamp, SU tab punch for bass of flower, and SU double sided paper!
The second card is close to cocoa paper is stamped using a NEW sentiment stamp from the NEW stampin up catalog!
And the third card is a 3x3 card made using pretty in pink cardstock, scallop punch and you cut in to make it look like a flower double sided paper punch with a 1' circle punch for the middle of the flower. Certainly Celery cardstock for the leaves that I ran thru the crimper. That's all I have for now, please tune it 2morrow for 3 cards from convention, that I received in swaps that are on my top favorite!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Back From SU Convention. . . .

AND JUST WANT TO SAY OMG!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED! I'm back from convention and DYING to post pictures of cards! But my computer has a mind of it's own right now and is not letting me post pictures at the moment! :0(
Stay tuned though, I'm still working on it.
Anywho, let me just get to the BESTEST news of all, Stampin Up has joined up with Sixxiz and we are now offering the BIG SHOT and various die-cuts made especially for Stampin Up! YEAH!!!!!! I order mines already!!!!! Yahoooooo! Okay, I'm still working on posting pics, be back soon!