Thursday, August 7, 2008

2 Projects . . .

Good Morning Blog Friends . . . I was a little buzy bee last nite :0)
The first is a bag that I made for my good friend Cindy, it was supposed to be filled the the little treats that I got for convention, but one of my little fuzzy ferrets decided to help them selves to my 20th Anniversary SU snacks! Can't be mad, cuz their sooooo darn cute! I got the pattern for these cute bags here. sorry I don't know how to type here with the underline and it takes you to the website, so your stuck with this big long web address that you have to press, if someone could email how to just type here and the website will pop up, PLSE EMAIL ME, I NEED HELP! HEE HEE :0)
The next project is some flowers I made with the SU scallop punch, you cut in to make them look like flowers, glue to a reese's peanut butter cup, sorry I forgot to take a side view picture! My bad! You then pierce a BBQ stick thru the candy, decorate with ribbon and crimp green paper and punch with large SU oval punch and WaaLaa! Pretty Flowers!!!!! This idea, was taken from a swap I received at Convention, and sorry I say I can't give the person credit becuz she didn't put her info anywhere on the flower! Have a great day, see ya'll 2morrow! (Posting two days in a row, I think I'm gonna fall over)! LOL

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Cyn Flores said...

Thank you for my bag/box, it is so cute. That's ok on the snacks, cuz I have a furry guy with tattoo's that would have sneaked his way into snacks as well and blamed it on our dog, Roxy. I love the candy flowers you made as well.