Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm injured and still stamping!

I'm injured wrists hurt so this will be short and sweet! The first card is a card that I sent my hubby while I was away at convention! I used all SU supplies.
The second card is a card I just made that says Tickled Pink, it is a SU set, but I think a retired SAB set.
Now about my injury, you have to PROMISE not to laugh!
Today I got this brain-e-ack idea to ride my bike to my dad's house (he lives around the corner), as I was taking off my loving husband yells out to me and as I turned my head, I flipped over the handle bars of my bike! He saw this and still asked, "What are you doing down there." I sd, I'm checking the neigbors lawn $%$^&*##@ !!!!!
Agh, hello, he just saw me flip over! He still doesn't run over to help me up! Two differenet neighbors were outside watering their lawns, so I jump on my bike and raced to my dads where I sat and examined my injuries. I scrapped all the skin off one knee, both my elbows and i guess when I fell I flipped back both my wrists. I got no sympathy from my dad, he said, "you were probably talking on your cell and riding your bike at the same time," I sd, "no dad, then I'd be crying cuz I have a brand new cell phone!" Did I forget to mention that all this happened while I was dressed in my hello kitty pj's and brand new slippers? hee hee! I'll live, I'm already sore (and it just happened 2 hrs ago), but I think I'll be okay!

Hope it doesn't effect the stamping I have lined up for 2morrow! I recieved a new stamp set in the mail today, that I'm dying to ink up 2morrow!

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Lydia said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh I wish that was on film!!!

But I'm sorry you're hurt. I've had a clumsy week too.

Adorable cards!! I LOVE that set - one of my all time faves, that little piggy. have you seen the holiday mini? It's up on the website!