Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm here . . .

I've not fallen off the planet! :0)
Friday, I got a cortisone shot in my foot, my husband took great video, but it's not for the weak!
Sat. we jumped in the truck and took a 4 hr drive (each way) to the river, to hang out with family! And Sunday, we slept in, went out to breakfest and then at nite, went to the happiest place on earth, yes Disneyland!!!! We went on the new 4D Toy Story ride, and to my delight, the wait in line was only 35 minutes (not bad for it being a new ride), unfortunately, the ride hurt my shoulder! You have to shoot at the targets, but to get your gun to shoot, you have to pull a string. AND IT KILLED MY ARM!!! So today I'm resting from my weekend! :0) I did get time to stamp after work today and I will be posting my card 2morrow. Happy Stamping, see you'll 2morrow!

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