Thursday, April 10, 2008

What do you think????

Okay, I need to know what you all think. My hubby's friend is throwing a birthday party for his daughter. She is turning 20. She is not a girlie girl, not a fashion girl, just a levi wearing, kick back, sweet girl. Her dad asked if I can do a little invite. He said, "maybe like a pacifier with a red line through it, like I'm not a baby no more." THAT'S A GUY FOR YOU! (In my mind, I was like Oh No!!!). So I went on SCS and asked all you girls for some advice and I got good advice like flowers and Bella stamps (which sadly, I known YET). And then I thought of this. This is only one of the samples I'm going to show him, but when I should the hubby and the kids, they said, this fits her! Please tell what you think. I used Creative Imaginations Impress-on (rub-on) for the girl skull and pink bling in the eyes, which the picture here DOES NO JUSTICE! hee hee.
Inside the card I put the cherries with the skull. I figure I could print out all the info on the inside if he likes this one. Sorry for the blurry pics. 5 days in a row, shis, I shock myself! Hee hee!