Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Following Tutorials . . .

Good Morning! This week I decided I'm going to follow tutorials of some of my favorite blogs and see how easy the project is to do. So here is my first one. I made Mr. & Mrs. Frankie Stien. The were soooooo easy! I followed Cambria's instructions and stared at the picture for a minute of the blog she linked to and this project went pretty quick! I did realize when I was done that I forgot to ink up a sponge and shade around their faces in some areas. But they'll live! :)
The best part was I got to use my Big Shot! The instructions for this card can be found on Cambria's blog. Please click my sidebar and go visit her blog, It's called Stamp a Little Love Baby. Have a great day! See you 2morrow with another tutorial that I decide to try! :)

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