Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look What I did . . .

Today I took a "Day of the Dead" art class with this man . . .
Who is this man? Well, I'm glad you asked, let me tell you . . .
His name is Daniel Martinez. He is an Artist & Teacher, and a nice,
smart man who is printed in 4th grade history books! I enjoyed taking his class. He started off by telling us about the history of the Day of the Dead celebration. We got to watch videos, browse through some AWESOME books, paint and create, we got to eat tamales, sweet bread, chips, dips and tequila. It was a GREAT time!!!

What did I create? Well let me show you SOME of my stuff.
Our first project was an alter. We made this alter out of cigar boxes and we had to think of someone that passed away and put things in our boxes that represented them. I, of course did mines in honour of my NANA.

Okay, the uploading of these pictures is NOT cooperating with me right now, so I'll give you a teaser! These are only two pictures, rest to follow 2morrow! :)
I picked this picture for the outside of my box because my Nana was part of the Red Hat Society.

This picture is of the inside lid of my box. The marachi's are because she LOVED music. Loved to dance, loved to sing, she LOVED Selena. :) I outlined the picture in beans. Why? BECAUSE SHE MADE THE BEST DARNED BEANS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!! And that's no lie! :) The inside of the box will be posted 2morrow! Sorry. :) Till then, have a good nite! I'm glad to be back, sorry for the long post!

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